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"The traditional Christian illustrations and the focus on the sacramental presence of Jesus among His people, young and old, is a great start in correcting the widely-held error that says you reach the youth by making Jesus a pop star."
- Lutheran pastor (LCMS) and customer of Pax Domini Press

What is Pax Domini Press?
Pax Domini Press has been producing quality Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and other education programs since 2004. While many VBS programs have themes rooted in pop culture and tend to be light on content, Pax Domini Press products use no gimmicks and anchor the programs on themes from the Gospel.

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What is unique about Pax Domini Press?
  • Pax Domini Press maintains high standards in its content, music, and crafts.
  • The content does not apologize for being rich in the Scriptural, liturgical, and sacramental language of the Church. Yet, the materials utilize all the elements of a traditional VBS program (recreation time, puppet shows, fun crafts.)
  • The crafts are designed to be made from durable materials like wood, glass, and cloth.
  • The music is Word-based and has a traditional quality to it.

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  • "Everyone had a GREAT time! The kids were all enthusiastic, and paid close attention to their lessons. The teachers were really impressed by the quality of the lessons in the "I Am" program from Pax Domini."
  • "...economical, theologically reliable, and free of garish colors and patronizing lessons and activities designed around the premise that kids are stupid..."
  • "The information was solid, the craft was fun, the kids enjoyed themselves, and everyone's faith was strengthened. I had 3 of the older kids tell me that they liked this better than [other] programs that we've done in the past because this one "wasn't cheesy" at all. It was fun, but it didn't treat the kids like they were too stupid to understand their faith."
  • "We do use Pax Domini's Sunday school curriculum on the 1 yr lectionary--buy it! Their materials are outstanding."
  • "This year, we are using the "I Am" series from Pax Domini Press. It's a very solid set of classes, and the kids seem to be enjoying it, too. (I must say the crafts are better than we've seen with some other pre-packaged programs!)"
  • "I taught Sunday School this morning. We are using this wonderful curriculum from Pax Domini Press. I have to tell you how much I love this study. It follows the liturgical church year and incorporates so much into each week. I had to really study for the lesson (which I loved) and I even had an epiphany."
  • "My favorite thing about this curriculum is the depth of each study. It goes further than just telling the story. It makes the kids think."
  • "At first our K1 teacher felt that the curriculum was too advanced for the children. However, the teacher tried it again and the students are doing well with it. We are planning on using your materials for all grade levels."
  • "My Sunday school teachers have spoken well of the Pax Domini materials. Above all, I want our students to be studying the texts and liturgical themes that they will be hearing in the Divine Service immediately after Sunday school."
  • "The traditional Christian illustrations and the focus on the sacramental presence of Jesus among His people, young and old, is a great start in correcting the widely-held error that says you reach the youth by making Jesus a pop star."
How does Pax Domini Press work?
If you need emergency cash to cover your expences you can easily get a payday loan from ElcLoans.com company. Customers who order a Pax Domini Press program will receive either a CD (through the mail) or a download (in a few minutes!) with PDF files of the following:
  • Four levels of class workbooks: Level 1 (4-5 yr. olds), Level 2 (6-7 yr. olds), Level 3 (8-9 yr. olds, Level 4 (10-12 yr. olds.)
  • Teachers Editions for each level.
  • Extra activity pages for Level 1 (Coloring pages, mazes, letter activities, etc.)
  • Daily prayer bulletin (with original hymn suited to the program.)
  • VBS Program Manual with instructions for running a full VBS program, including craft instructions, recreation ideas, puppet script, and advertising materials.
What about VBS crafts?
Pax Domini Press provides a "how-to" manual on producing the craft for a VBS program. Most craft materials can be purchased at a local craft store. Pax Domini Press has craft kits and craft accessories (such as molds) available for purchase with some programs.

Be sure to get free sample packets of all our materials!

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