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Introducing a new product from Pax Domini Press!

Lenten Bible School is a scaled back version of Vacation Bible School, spread out over the five weeks of Lent.

LBS works brilliantly as a way to draw younger families to Wednesday prayer services. A simple schedule might be:

         5 PM Lenten Bible School
         6 PM Soup and Sandwich
         7 PM Vespers.

This year’s introductory program is Lord, Teach us to Pray. Over the five weeks of Lent, children will learn about prayer through the following lessons:

         (1) When you pray... (Jesus’ words on prayer in the Sermon on the Mount)
         (2) In the Name (Jesus’ words to the disciples on the night that He was betrayed)
         (3) The Persistent Widow (Luke 18: 1-7)
         (4) Scorpions and Stones? (Luke 11: 9-13)
         (5) Receive our Prayer (Acts 2)
For a sample packet in PDF format click Level 4 Sample 1, Level 4 Sample 2 or right-click and choose "save as" to store the sample pack on your hard drive for viewing later.

You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader for viewing the sample above. Most computers have Acrobat, but is available for FREE by clicking HERE.
Children will learn how prayer is related to faith, how prayer is received by the Father through Jesus’ sacrifice for us, and how our whole life is prayer. They will learn how the liturgy teaches prayer and how the Lord loves to give good gifts to us.

The craft for this program is a portable kneeler (see prototype here). Children (and parents) will make this craft over the five weeks of Lent. The kneeler may be used in church, at home for prayer, and it doubles as a carrying case for Bibles, catechisms, hymnals, and other items used for prayer.
How much is this program? $100
Is this program in black and white? No*
Is this program in color? Yes
Is there a craft kit with this program? Yes
Are there craft accessories with this program?     No

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